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Thank You

Andrew McDowell

To all those who’ve purchased, read, and reviewed Mystical Greenwood, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your support and encouragement. It was recently announced as a finalist in the Epic/High Fantasy Category of the 2019 American Fiction Awards, sponsored by American Book Fest.

If you haven’t yet, I hope you’ll consider reading my book and posting a review. Every review helps spread the word. I will be very grateful if you do.

Mystical Greenwood RGB

It is available in Paperback, Kindle, and Nook:

US$:Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books a Million

UK£ | Foyles


Be sure to add it to your Goodreads to-read list! The cover art is also available at Deviant Art. If you’re a fan, you can show it through your memorabilia!

Be sure to check out my publications in poetry and creative nonfiction as well!

Don’t forget…

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Could hav been

Therapy Bits

i could have been beautiful
but you spattered me with blood
i might have been graceful
but you knocked me into the mud

i could have been courageous
but you crumpled me into a ball
i might have been brave
but you made me feel so small

i could have been intelegent
but you taught me not to try
i might have been brilliant
but you told me the truth is a lie

i could have been trusting
but your promises lay broken
i might have been confiding
but you taught me to leave everything unspoken

i could have been independent
but you left so many needs unfilled
i might of been self-reliant
but you made it so i couldn’t rebuild

i could have been whole
but you tore me all apart
i might have been so much more
but you destroyed my growing heart


This is a poem…

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For You My Love, For You…a Cat

Café Philos: an internet café

For you my love,
For your love, my love,
I would marry heaven to hell
Then myself serve
As their marriage counselor.
For you my love,
For you.

For you my love,
For your love, my love,
I would make a spice-less salsa
Out of chopped turnips
Then eat it as my chip-dip
For a month.
For you my love,
For you.

For you my love,
For your love, my love,
I would declare myself
In the market for a game PC
Then handwrite thank-you notes
To everyone who swears
I need their advice.
For you my love,
For you.

For you my love,
For your love, my love,
I would burn a hundred meals
And still eat them all
While listening to tween love songs
And pouring over FaceBook kitten photos.
For you my love,
For you.

For you my love,
For your love, my love,
I would refuse

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Other Women

The Abject Muse

It’s Promote Yourself Monday at the Go Dog Go Café!

Other women get flowers from their lovers.
You bring me
ice packs for my
swollen, ugly face.
I tell them I
fell down the stairs.
But there are no stairs leading anywhere
to the Abyss where
love used to live.

You said you wouldn’t
hurt me again.
Other women would leave;
I bought a gun.

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