Our Next Release

We have been lucky enough to release two wonderful books this year. First we released short stories. This time it is poetry. Ivor Steven has trusted us with sharing his beautiful poetry with you all. Illustrated by his Niece, Kerri Costello.

We believe that you will be just as touched by the poetry as we are. We have been blessed to have his work in Faery Footprints, Fae Dreams, and Nightmare Whispers Volume 1.

PAD Challenge #30

Write. however you need to, just write. dream then put those dreams to paper.

Pad Challenge #22

If the topic of the dying flower bothers, you…Then write about change. Did you cause the change? Did someone else? Write about the change, what is the result?

PAD Challenge #21

What is your Hobby? Do you remember that time you were learning to do it? was it easy? or more difficult? Write about it.

PAD Challenge #20

the Acrostic form can be fun…in case you don’t know what the acrostic form is – https://examples.yourdictionary.com/acrostic-poem-examples.html

The word choice is yours…what word makes your skin crawl?

PAD Challenge #19

Or if you cannot see how this would be, write about the masks that you wear to keep the peace, and keep moving forward yourself.

PAD Challenge #18

This is such a broad topic. For me music is a span. I listen to multiple genres and a huge host of artists. some people are genre loyal or have a favorite artist above all. Whichever you are, write a poem about it. Form is up to you.

PAD Challenge #17

just a reminder to the form of ode – https://poets.org/glossary/ode. What animal are you going to do an ode to?

PAD Challenge #16

So many Options with this one. What is your favorite era? Why? How would you react to finding yourself in a different era? How do you think that you would survive?

PAD Challenge #13

And since when these were made I did not realize that the thirteenth would be a friday…You also have a choice…write a poem about the prompt or one about superstition…

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