A Tequila Sunrise

Tullawalla by Ivor Steven, Kerri Costello, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)Please Note: Hardcover is still temporarily unavailable. A Tequila Sunrise Uncovered digits Exposed and frigid Purple chilblain arrows Hero’s beyond zero My bare toes froze Icicles fell off my nose As I searched for warm clothes And a shot of Tequila from Mexico Ivor […]

A Tequila Sunrise

What To Include On The Copyright Page Of Your Book – With A Free Template – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice: The copyright page of your book is an essential element you should include when you publish a new book or ebook. Is it a legal obligation? No. Legally you own the copyright of your book as soon as you write it. But it is always better to include at least the […]

What To Include On The Copyright Page Of Your Book – With A Free Template – by Derek Haines…

Teaser Tuesday

What are you working on? Share with us a teaser for something that you are or have done. Share links too so that we can find you… Don’t feel like sharing your work? Well share another indie so that they can be seen!

Follow Friday

Today we ask that you leave in comments great pages that you think we should follow. Be sure to include your own link! 😍

Throwback Thursday

So, This is where we talk about older books. Has your book been out a year or more? Tell us about it! Links and blurb, and maybe your next read will be in the comments below! We are always looking for our next read, and everyone asks about your newest volume.
Here we show love to those books that are already out. Don’t have but one? Share it! Have not published yet? Share your favorite author. Let’s make the comments pop with suggested reading!

Indie Wednesday

We are all about promotion of the indie here. Are you a indie artist or author? Post links to your work! This is the place to brag about your work. Or do you know an indie that needs to be seen? Post a link. Sharing is caring after all. We also welcome you to post services for the indie… If you are an editor, cover designer, or something like that… Post that link!

May Your Wings Soar by Andrew McDowell


May your wings soar
by Andrew McDowell
[author’s site]

May your wings soar into skies blue!
We knew it would come; it is true.
Oh, the times we had were the best,
Now we embark on a new quest,
Like all those before us who flew.

River we first saw, not we knew,
Overcoming and coming through,
When facing every new test,
May your wings soar!

Glad we made it yet so sad too.
I shall remember all of you.
Part of us remains in our nest,
Whilst we fly, above the rest,
Along rivers, into skies blue,
May your wings soar!

@Andrew McDowell


Welcome to MasticadoresUSA.

MasticadoresUSA was founded byJuan Re Crivello as part ofGobblers/Masticadoresin 2021. Its current editor is Gabriela Marie Milton.

MasticadoresUSA features talented writers of poetry and short prose. We primarily publish writers who write in English, and are…

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Book review: Maggie Cole – Roots of Vengeance (@MaggieColeAuth)

Connor had always loved for fun. Never getting attached, partying, but when he met Gia everything changed. For the first time ever he had wanted more. This woman was everything he could ever want and more. But none of it was real. It was all a lie. And he vowed never to be hurt again. As […]

Book review: Maggie Cole – Roots of Vengeance (@MaggieColeAuth)

Poem by Emily Fortney

Words and photography by Emily Fortney The post Poem by Emily Fortney appeared first on oddball magazine.

Poem by Emily Fortney

I Wanna Stop Writing For A Living

I’ve been at this writing thing for almost a decade now, and only recently have I begun to notice the difference between writing for a living and making a living out of writing. This is just me thinking about quitting the former and chasing the latter.

I Wanna Stop Writing For A Living

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