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Ok, I was lapse this week. Cyndi usually does other things and leaves the blog up to me…My notes are a mess and she couldn’t do the author spotlight for me. I was not well and ended up being unable to give either blog the attention it needed. I apologize and have decided to try to do some posts ahead so that these go up when they are supposed to, whether I feel good or not.

So here is the schedule for the author spotlights and such: On August 20 We will be featuring Christine Bialczak. On August 27 we will feature K.T. Seto (who was in Through the Sunshine but I am not finding on the blog…probably me being absent minded.) On September 3 We will feature Melissa Ball On September 10 we will be taking a short break from the author spotlights to announce the authors in the two anthologies that we are currently taking submissions for. The deadline is August 31 so the tenth gives us time to sort the incoming submissions to determine who will be in the anthologies.

We will be returning to the author spotlights after that, as I have 3 more on my list (Susan Eaton, Janean McBreaty, & George Latimer). However, I also will be doing author spotlights for the authors in Fae Dreams and Nightmare Whispers.

If you are interested in being featured here then fill out the questionnaire and I will slip you into the queue. Also, remember the deadline for Fae Dreams and Nightmare Whispers is fast approaching. We are rather pleased with the submissions received so far.


In the last week or so we have received quite a few author spotlight requests. Normally I would try to do them as soon as I get them, but it is too many at once. So I am going to start scheduling them on Thursday. Please check here and take a serious look at the authors we have to showcase.

Authors Wanted

Want to be featured on this blog? We feature indie authors and their work to try and expose the world to the wonder of the Indie Author. Fill out this questionnaire. Then check back. Most of the time we will post your spotlight within 48 hrs.

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