Call for submissions!

We are in process of processing the poetry that came in. In the discussion of layout, it was decided that we would look for a couple of short faery stories and some art to decorate the pages of the anthology.

So we are opening up a call for art and short stories. We are setting a deadline for the 15th of October. We will be getting back to the people who submitted poetry this week.

This call rules :

  • The submissions must be non erotica. We have decided this anthology as being family friendly.
  • Art submissions must be sent in jpg or png format in email to
  • Story is not to exceed 5000 words. It is to be sent in doc format to the above address.
  • Both story and art should have a faery or fantasy theme.
  • Though it likely should go without saying, but the work must be yours and capable of publication. If you do not have the publication rights it is not something that we can take. We are not worried about where you have or have not published it before as long as you retain publication rights.
  • We will be willing to take last minute poetry submissions, however the ones recieved before the deadline take priority. Any poems recieved up until the end of this call will be used as we feel that it is useful.
  • We are at this time not able to pay contributors but we are also not charging fees.

Prompts Day 20

Ten days until the deadline. Have you submitted for Faery Footprints?

Anthologies Calling

We are looking for two different types of writing.

For the Anthology of Through the Sunshine :

  • A story of between 3500-5500 words pertaining to light fae.
  • Send in Doc format to with the topic of Through the Sunshine.
  • Deadline is January 30, 2020

For the poetry volume of Faery Footprints :

  • Up to five poems, max of 100 lines each
  • Send in Doc format to with the topic of Faery Footprints.
  • Deadline is September 30, 2019

Each of the authors in Through the Sunshine will receive a share in the profits from the book.

Each of the poets in the Faery Footprints collection will receive either a pdf or paperback edition of the book as payment. Only the best 100 poems will be chosen for this collection. The others will be considered for posting on the blog.

We have other anthologies planned… So if you cannot get to these two, keep your eyes here for future calls.

In the meantime, keep creating and we will see you again soon.

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