A Tequila Sunrise

Tullawalla by Ivor Steven, Kerri Costello, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)Please Note: Hardcover is still temporarily unavailable. A Tequila Sunrise Uncovered digits Exposed and frigid Purple chilblain arrows Hero’s beyond zero My bare toes froze Icicles fell off my nose As I searched for warm clothes And a shot of Tequila from Mexico Ivor […]

A Tequila Sunrise

Book Birthday – Resisting Evil

A species existing in secret, a vendetta and a curse, a clan bound by magik bound together by love.

“Okay, I was out of line, I’ll admit it, and I’m sorry.”

Beth began gathering their dirty dishes and stacking them near the sink.

“Keep going.”

She turned the water on and plugged the sink, pouring dish detergent into the water.

“Weres can be… possessive.”

Beth snorted. “You think?”

“We had such a connection last night, and my wolf… well, he wants to claim you as ours.” “Excuse me?”

“My wolf wants to claim you as our mate.”

A single kiss leads to passion. A single look to destiny. Were shifters meet their fated match in a world where magic, lust and evil collide. Resisting Evil- Book One of the Magik Saga takes readers on a journey through tragedy and ecstasy into true love.

Buy Your Copy today! https://books2read.com/resistingevil

Book Birthday – Madness and Truth

Serena Mossgraves has a new book release today! A ghost story, an epic spanning two different narrators, and the story of an island over hundreds of years! Get your own copy today. Books2read.com/Madnessandtruth

Resisting Evil

Coming soon! Release Day May 30th

Book Birthday!

We are pleased to present Tullawalla by Ivor Steven.

Press release

Tullawalla- A Meeting Place Where My Empty Hands Are Full of Memories and Rhymes
By Ivor Steven Illustrated by Kerri Costello

Published in Paperback and Ebook by Fae Corps Inc,
Distributed by Barnes & Noble Press.

March 30, 2021

Tullawalla: A Meeting Place Where My Empty Hands Are Full of Memories and Rhymes takes readers on a meandering journey through Australia through the eyes of one man as he reflects on his life and experiences through poetry and art. Often irreverent, and sometimes obscure the author plays with meter and rhyme as he ponders what is meaningful and what good.

Poet Ivor Steven has been writing for 20 years.
A former Industrial Chemist he is now a full time writer and active member of the Geelong Writers Inc in Australia and team member/barista with the online magazine Go Dog Go Café in the United States.

For more information visit http://www.faecorpspublishing.com or write to Patricia Harris at faecorpspublishing@gmail.com.

Release Announcement


MOON DOG AND THE PURPLE TREE (English and Spanish Versions)
By K.T. Seto

A Picture Book
Published in Hardback and eBook by K.T. Seto Distributed by Barnes & Noble Press.

March 27, 2021

In this first Picture book for toddlers by author K.T. Seto – marketing director for Fae Corps Inc, children are taken on a delightful adventure with a precocious little boy and his beloved stuffed Dog.
The tale is translated by S.Y. Aguilar for Spanish Speakers.

K.T. Seto is an artist and author of Speculative Fiction for adults.
Her children’s books are stories she wrote for her children, nieces, and nephews as they were growing up and decided to put in print form for her grandchildren to share.

For more information visit http://www.faecorpspublishing.com or write to Fae Corps at faecorpspublishing@gmail.com.

Book Birthday A Revisit


What happens when the littlest princess in the land of Nod gets lost? A story of friendship, adventure, and surviving. This is a second edition release. Help us celebrate the release of Patricia Harris’s Bedtime Tales The Princess Lost.

Our Next Release

We have been lucky enough to release two wonderful books this year. First we released short stories. This time it is poetry. Ivor Steven has trusted us with sharing his beautiful poetry with you all. Illustrated by his Niece, Kerri Costello.

We believe that you will be just as touched by the poetry as we are. We have been blessed to have his work in Faery Footprints, Fae Dreams, and Nightmare Whispers Volume 1.

Have You Ordered Your Copy?

We have options on ordering your Copy from your favorite store. Paperback, Hardback, or ebook of your choice. Have you preordered your copy yet?


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