Author Spotlight Christine Bialczak

Meet Children’s author, poet, and General Creative Christine Bialczak.

Christine Bialczak was born on November 2, 1971 and was raised in Connecticut. She has been a Special Education teacher and hopes to move into an administrative position utilizing her Administrator certificate. Her family means the most to her. Christine will always remember the support she received from her late husband Bob, her son Joseph, who passed on way too early, and Lindsay, her rock, her best friend, and her daughter. Christine also has support from David, from her other family members, from past and current coworkers/teachers, and from friends. Her goal is to introduce characters that enrich children’s lives and ignite a fire to learn more, increase knowledge of the world around, and be creative. Christine is an animal lover. She has owned dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, cockatiels, chickens, roosters, and tropical fish. She loves to travel and learn about other cultures, sews, draws, designs jewelry, cooks, and has many other interests. The Penelope series was inspired by the birth of her great-niece Penelope, having written the first book on the night Penelope was born. The Joey series was inspired by her son who was so brilliant, so kind, and such a special person to everyone that knew him. Christine can’t wait to interact with her readers through various series, poetry, and other publications.

You can Find Christine on Goodreads or visit her website!

We are pleased to have found Christine, and feel like you will be as well.

Lost Legends, an upcoming Indie novel Behind the Scenes

So we got to interview Cait Marie about her upcoming book release. She gave us a behind the scenes to share with you, our readers.

Time to talk about what goes on behind the writing and how The Lost Legends came to be. Some of the most frequent questions I get are…

“Where do all the story ideas come from?”
The idea for The Lost Legends came from a dream, as cliche as that sounds. I’ve always had really random dreams that I thought would make good movies or books. Well, I had a dream that I was a princess sailing with pirates to look for a group of fae called the Nihryst. In the dream, it was actually the Night Court from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. To make it my own, I completely removed the fae element, which was the only similarity to that series. Most of the original idea is still there though.

The biggest difference is that it was originally just about Ada looking for the Nihryst in the one book. Then, I added Shane’s POV for myself to know what happened in the kingdom while Ada was gone. Shane’s story not only helped develop the first book but helped create a bigger story arc for what’s now going to be a trilogy. In fact, as of right now, Shane will have more chapters in book two than Ada.

“How long did it take you to write The Lost Legends? What were those writing habits like?”
It took me a little over three months to write the first draft, but there wasn’t a lot of consistent writing. There were weeks that I didn’t touch it. I wrote 30,000 words the first week… I go through writing binges; I will write 10,000 words in a couple days, then nothing for a while. That’s actually something I need to work on.

“Where did the inspiration come from?”

A mashup of a bunch of things. I love Disney, I love the story of Robin Hood, and I love Pirates of the Caribbean. To write, I created a Pinterest board and playlist. I made a few aesthetic boards as well, which I’ll share below.

The Lost Legends is now available on Amazon!
Get your copy here!

About the Author

Cait Marie has been obsessed with books her entire life. The love of writing didn’t hit until 2017. Since then, she has held multiple positions within Coffee House Writers, including C.O.O., Advertising Supervisor, Editor, and Writer. In 2018, she used her passion for reading to create Functionally Fictional. In 2019, she joined the indie staff of YA Books Central as a reviewer and then Indie Assistant Blogger.
Cait graduated with honors in 2019 from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, and she is currently enrolled in their Master of Fine Arts program. She lives in Indiana, where she freelance edits and provides a variety of other author services. When she’s not writing or reading, she can usually be found watching Disney movies or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, creating bullet journal spreads, or singing along to various soundtracks and showtunes.

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Author Spotlight : Cait Marie

Yesterday, we did a book announcement for a indie author. She is not one of the authors that works for us, but we promote all Indies! Today, we thought that you would want to meet the author.

Cait Marie is a Coffee House Writer who also is one of the ones running Functionally Fictional. She has her own blog. The book we told you about is the first of a series of YA books she is publishing.

We asked her how long she has been creative. She responded “I started writing in 2015, but I’ve been creative in other ways (mostly art) my whole life.”

She is one that also supports Indie authors on her Functionally Fiction blog. It features new books and book reviews. It’s fairly awesome.

We asked her how she deals with writer’s block… To be told that she doesn’t really suffer from writer’s block per se. It’s more that she has some days that she just can’t/don’t want to write. She is working on more consistent writing habits. For example, she is trying to write for an hour at least four days a week. Shek joined a group that does writing sprints four nights a week, which is helping a lot.

She has two cats… Koda and Azriel. They are obnoxious, but She loves them. We would love to see them. 👀👀

When asked what she does with her time… “Most of my time goes to reading and writing, but I also love creating spreads in my bullet journal, painting, listening to music, going to concerts, and watching movies and TV.” That sounds like a lot of creativity to us.

We also asked about what got her writing. “I started writing one day partially out of boredom and partially because a book I read didn’t go exactly how I wanted it to. I decided to write my own book so I could include anything I wanted, but I had no idea at the time that I would end up here. I only wrote academically before that and hated it. However, I have always loved reading. My love of books is really what got me where I am today. It’s why I started Functionally Fictional, which led to me becoming involved in the book community.” We are glad she did.

Podcast goodness

One of our authors is doing a podcast… I think that we announced that before? Well there are three new episodes. Listen to our favorite Belladonna Love reading.

Tish Macwebber’s Jazzy Chronicles

Cyndi Pilcher Lola and the Injured Messenger

Patricia Harris poetry from Ink Splashes

Please show her some love for sharing her wonderful reading of such amazing content.


Our own Cyndi Pilcher has her first novel out and it is live!

You can pick up a $5.99 digital copy here! Or wait 3 weeks for a $15 paperback. Signed copies will be available for $25 by emailing

Author Spotlight Cyndi Pilcher

Today we bring you our own Cyndi Pilcher. A wonderful writer good at telling tales of fantasy for the young and the young at heart.

She writes cute children’s books, and adventure filled young adult stories. Her blog, Redbird’s Storytime is a fun place where she shares updates and stories about her faeries.

She credits her eighth grade teacher Mr. January with her love of writing. She said that she chose to be an Indie author because of the control it grants her. She has quite a lot of experience writing, over 35 years worth! We look forward to reading all of the stories that she has to tell!

Author Spotlight : DW Storer

image1030877135.jpgthe raven835645903..jpgforest dream389328946..jpgserpent 11165593870..jpg

Today we feature D W Storer.

Author and poet

Born October 1966 in Mitcham , Surrey – currently residing in Exmouth, Devon

He is quoted saying

– Even the most ordinary can lead to the most extraordinary inspirations -as a writer he tends to mix prose and verse to illustrate scenes , moods, emotions-works range through the spectrums of dark nihilism, paganism, humour, and even children’s poetry books.

He is Heretical in religious views, pagan, lover of classical history and forteana. He prefers classical music and jazz.

His published works – all available on Amazon

The Key of the Storm

Poems Without A Home

The Recusant Who Never Recanted

The Myth of Age And Time

Over The Seas and Far Away

For children – the Blue Ted’s Adventures series

Blue Ted’s Seven Sleeps ‘Till Christmas

Blue Ted’s Easter and Other Tales

Blue Ted’s Seaside Adventures

Blue Ted’s Halloween Adventures

Blue Ted’s Snowy Days Adventures

Blue Ted’s Viking Adventures

Blue Ted Meets The Aliens

Grunkle’s Book Of Bottom Burps

His works in progress

The Lady In White – pagan / wiccan poetry

The Diary Of A Madman – poetry dealing with depression and mental illness

D W Storer has performed in many London recitals of poetry with theatre groups and spends his time, when not writing, mostly staring at clouds, waves, trees, and rocks.

He can be found on Facebook – Dw Storer, Author on Facebook

and on Amazon

When asked why he was an Indie author, he told us that he tried the traditional route twice before. The first time the publisher didn’t pay him, and the second failed to promote the books as promised. So he said that he was going indie because the writing was the most important part.

DW Storer is an amazing author. Go show him some love!


Author Spotlight : Deedra Nichole

Multi-talented Deedra Nichole writes, edits, and does wonderful art. Her Young Adult, and New Adult stories are delightful for the reader. Her poetry is powerful. She is also an excellent editor when she is not writing tales to excite. Her words have a nice whimsy that is so rare to find in this cynical world.

In choosing to be an Indie Artist, Deedra Nichole is gracing the world with a piece of herself to delight and entertain. She takes control to produce the highest quality in jer work and make it best for her readers to enjoy.

Family is a huge part of Deedra’s life. She currently resides in Kentucky with her Husband to be, Onas, and their children.

She has a website, currently for her editing business. She is currently working on revising her books to bring new covers, for a fresh new look. Such books include the Louise Green Series, and Immortal (a volume of poetry). Let me tell you, I have seen the new covers. They are so beautiful.

We are truly grateful to Miss Deedra for allowing us to spotlight her. Deedra Nichole is also one of the Authors writing in our upcoming anthology Under the Mists. Her story “Mermaid Pearls” is a amazing read. Go show her love.

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