Inspiration without a home – Patricia Harris

Written by our own Patricia Harris, we introduce Inspiration without a Home!

A memoir of a half mad poet. Talk of abuse, of rape, and a life lived. Poetry and truth laid out in a loose familiar manor. A tough story of survival.

Get your copy today!


Author Spotlight Anne Belle

Fiction Author Anne Belle is quite the talent. She has a wonderful website, where she lists the books that she currently has out. She also has a YouTube channel where she reads such interesting stories.

Her bio from her site says :

Anne Belle was born Samantha Anne Branham in 1978 in Eastern Kentucky where she graduated from The Piarist School in Martin, KY and attended Eastern Kentucky University until 2000. She then took time to travel extensively throughout the United States spending time in Florida, Tennessee, and California before finally coming to rest in the great state of Texas where she now resides.

She was an award-winning essayist prior to turning her interest toward fiction. In 2006 she tentatively stepped into the water of fiction publication with a book that she later refined and released independently under her pen name. Her debut novel The Secret of the Storm was released in 2012 and quickly became a fan favorite. This was the beginning of the Slauson Cove Saga which continues today.

Anne’s primary theme in storytelling is meant to inspire others to embrace themselves and their own lives. She enjoys writing strong female characters who are thrust into circumstances they can’t avoid, usually with a supernatural or paranormal element at the focal point. These seemingly impossible things about themselves have often made them outcasts and they must learn their purpose and find their own way. Anne’s personal journey has been a great influence in her work having to overcome being n outcast for most of her life.

When she isn’t writing Anne keeps busy with various activities. She enjoys crafts, creating art in various mediums, swimming, and spending time with friends and family. She’s a dog-mom to her Chiweenie pup Pippin. Anne also enjoys art journaling and exploring other aspects of her creativity including performance art in the form of singing.

The author can be found in many places online. Including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In the summer of 2019 Anne is launching her first lifestyle blog attempt addressing creative living as a plus size single creative entrepreneur. That endeavor can be found at

We here at Fae Corps Publishing have been quite glad to know Anne. She is someone who we highly recommend that you check out.

Creative commonality

When prowling through the interwebs and the dark reaches of social media, I have noticed something. Artists, authors, and other creatives all have certain traits.

1.) Self Doubt – Finding true confidence in any creative seems to be rare. Now I am not talking about the bravado that many of us put forth. That image of confidence that we want the world to see. Nope, I am talking about true confidence. That feeling that we are worthy, that we are enough.

2.) High Intelligence and Empathy – though there is a variance… I have seen those who are naturally creative as often being likely to be both highly intelligent and highly empathetic.

3.) Needs validity – Imposter syndrome is so common. That fear of failure. The fear of not being as good as others. So we seek the praise of those viewing the work we do.

4.) Searching – creative people search. For like minds. For a target audience. For ways to improve.

Those are a strong enough issue among us that it creates struggles and stigmas among the creative community. So I thought that I would touch on the topic and offer suggestions on how to overcome.

1.) Breathe – as cliche as it sounds… Stepping away from the issue and breathing may be just what you need. It allows for the work to be less of a focus and lets you look at it more rationally.

2.) Find like minds – Look for people like yourself. There are groups on social media. (Send us a message if you need help finding good ones… We can recommend some.) Or if you are not a joiner, find a select few who can encourage you and help with critique and feedback. This is how you improve.

3.) Self esteem building – there are so many possible options here. You can Google search for a few good exercises. You have to love you before you can love your own work.

I know that you have heard this all before. This is not new content. It is just my reminder to each of you that you matter. You are worthy. You are enough. You are bringing beauty into a world that needs it desperately. Please continue. And if you have that moment when you feel so lost… Reach out.

Author Spotlight Tish MacWebber

Today we are looking at the amazing author Tish MacWebber. A lot of what you need to know is in her bio.

” Tish Mac Webber’s writing is her purpose, creativity is her passion, and jewellery designing is her pleasure.
She is the author who is Always Thinking… the jewellery designer who is Always Blinging…and her superpower is always being full of surprises!

#Tishspiration, her latest creation, is defined as the art of surprising yourself. She is inspired by the ocean, especially where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the beaches of Cape Breton Island, where her own story began.

Tish MacWebber, Always Blinging… her jewellery designing hobby is the latest addition to her website. Her speciality is creating one of a kind, custom designs for her clients. She loves to delight her customers with her interpretations of what they order, staying true to her gifts of being full of surprises, and putting her talents to full use.

In October 2018, her first book, From Where I am Sitting… A Collection of Cat Tales was published and is available on Amazon. It will be accompanied by her Limited Cat Tales Jewellery Collection, which can also be found on her website. Tish MacWebber is currently writing her second book, in which she will explore her concept of #Tishspiration. You can find more information about these and other projects at

Tish credits the inspiration for her first book to a friend who passed away due to cancer. However, she has been writing since school. She writes song lyrics, poetry, and stories. Currently the endearing adventures of an adopted kitten, Jazzy, dominate her blog.

She has been blogging since 2017. She wanted to share her music, and hopefully inspire others with her writing. She is a creative soul, who is fond of beads. She designs cute jewelry and is learning cross stitch.

She chose to be an indie author because it would allow her complete control over her work. She has found that there is a lot to learn about the process. She recommended finding writing support groups/communities either locally to meet your peers in person, or online to find others who can help you to achieve your goal of writing a book, if you are an aspiring indie author.

Her first book “From where I am sitting” is a collection of cat tales told by the cats. I found it to be so very fun to read. I think that you would as well. Tish will have a story in our anthology releasing soon, Under The Mists.

*Edit: Tish pointed out a small error on my part. She has been doing cross stitch for some time all ready. And the Jazzy chronicles are over on the coffee house writers blog . We are so very glad to be working with Tish. Show her love!

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