PAD Challenge #26

There are so many creatures with wings, including Faeries, Gryphons, Birds, Dragons, Dragonflies, Other flying insects….Imagine one has a broken wing. What is it on? How is the creature handling it? Does it have someone to assist it?

Happy Holidays

From our Fae Corps Family to yours, happiest of Thanksgivings and any other Holiday you are celebrating. To all of our readers we wish safe tidings and good health to you all.

PAD Challenge #25

The Mess Faery, and the Cleaning Faery, are both joked about on a regular basis. Write about what happened when one or both of them visited you.

Want an extra challenge? Write it in a form. Prose is an obvious possibility. or hey try an Ode?

PAD Challenge #24

2020 has limited the ability to road trip, we are all feeling the closed in nature of being stuck inside. So use your imagination, where are you going? How are you getting there? What do you need to buy…Snacks? Drinks? Fuel? How fast are you going?

PAD Challenge #23

What is your favorite form of Transportation? Feet, Bicycle, Bus, Truck, Plane, Glider, Etc…..

Pad Challenge #22

If the topic of the dying flower bothers, you…Then write about change. Did you cause the change? Did someone else? Write about the change, what is the result?

PAD Challenge #21

What is your Hobby? Do you remember that time you were learning to do it? was it easy? or more difficult? Write about it.

PAD Challenge #20

the Acrostic form can be fun…in case you don’t know what the acrostic form is –

The word choice is yours…what word makes your skin crawl?

PAD Challenge #19

Or if you cannot see how this would be, write about the masks that you wear to keep the peace, and keep moving forward yourself.

PAD Challenge #18

This is such a broad topic. For me music is a span. I listen to multiple genres and a huge host of artists. some people are genre loyal or have a favorite artist above all. Whichever you are, write a poem about it. Form is up to you.

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