Neighborhood Stroll

Talkin' to Myself

One of our neighbors has an olive grove. It is relatively young and was on the property when they bought it. They knew nothing about olives.

But they learned. And today about 30 of their friends and neighbors came to pick this years crop. And it was a big crop. Some of the people there were familiar to me. Some were not. But we all chatted and laughed as we found new and more efficient ways to strip a young tree of its bounty.

The neighbor lives at the top of our hill. To get to our place you have to drive by theirs. To get to theirs from ours you have to climb the hill.

Today, I decided to walk to their property. One mile. Dirt road. Very rural.

I saw paw prints that probably belonged to a large cat. Prints that might have belonged to a small bear…

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